Teaching English overseas is the best way to get paid to travel the world. You work 29 hours a week and get all your accommodation expenses paid by the school. Can you think of any other career that allows you to travel and save money, all while working just a few hours a week?!

How To Go Abroad and Start Teaching

All you need to teach English overseas is a university degree and a TESOL certification. Coventry House International offers the best TESOL certification courses. You can study in-class or online via OnTESOL.

Where Are the Best Paying Jobs?

Asia and Latin America are the most popular places for US and Canadian teachers. Jobs in Asia pay much better and most schools pay for accommodation and airfare. Jobs in Latin America pay enough to cover the bills, but nothing beats living in metropolitan Rio de Janeiro or watching the sunset while you surf in Costa Rica.

How About Teaching Jobs in Europe?!

Jobs in Europe don’t pay very well and are only available for UK citizens because they have a EU passport. Even if you take a TESOL certification course in Europe, they will not offer you a job unless you have a EU passport. Some countries such as Germany, France, and the Czech Republic welcome American and Canadian teachers under some flexible immigration policies. Contact the embassy before getting on a plane or registering on an in-class TESOL course that doesn’t lead to jobs.

When Can I Apply for Teaching Jobs?

In the Northern hemisphere, most jobs start in August or February. The recruitment process takes months while you acquire your criminal background record check and obtain the work visa, so the application opens much earlier. In the Southern hemisphere, most jobs start in March, so you should get to the country at least 2 months in advance to get used to the culture, learn the language, and find the best schools.

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