Trinity CertTESOL is the globally recognized accreditation from Trinity College London. Coventry House International has been an accredited Trinity CertTESOL course provider for over 10 years. Today, we offer a 5-week Trinity CertTESOL course in Toronto or anywhere else in the world upon request. Our Trinity CertTESOL course is the same as the Standard TESOL Certificate course recognized by TESL Canada, except that it comes with extra tutorials to help you prepare you for the moderation. Those who enroll to take the Trinity CertTESOL accreditation will have an interview with a Trinity College London moderator who is sent from the UK to check your work throughout the course and certify you. Those interested in pursuing the Trinity CertTESOL accreditation also have to take the 4-hour UFL module. This module is a very valuable component of the Trinity CertTESOL course because trainees get to learn a new language and see first-hand what students experience during the ESL class and how they react to different methods.

Why Add Trinity CertTESOL Accreditation?

Trinity CertTESOL is one of the oldest, most recognized TESOL accreditation in the world. When employers see Trinity CertTESOL on your certificate, you are a step ahead everyone else. They are the only accreditation in the world that moderates each trainee individually and provides extensive feedback to the course provider on every course that is offered. That is one of the many ways that the Trinity CertTESOL accreditation is able to maintain a high level of quality and its global recognition.

How Much Extra Does the Trinity CertTESOL Accreditation Cost?

There is an extra $400 fee for those who take the Trinity CertTESOL course. This fee includes moderation from Trinity College London, extra daily tutorials to help you prepare for the moderation, and the UFL module.

Is the Practicum Included in the Fee?

Yes, the Practicum module is included in the fee and it takes place during the 5-weeks of the course.